CEMUS Open University (Open Access Distance Education for Sustainable Development)


OPEN UNIVERSITY UPPSALA SLU FELIX PENCIHE 2012Felix Peniche was the project coordinator and developer at CSD Uppsala 2010-2013. CEMUS Open University served various distance master and PhD courses for Uppsala University and SLU. The project was stopped in 2013 due to budget cuts; even though it operated for 3 years with less than 20,000 sek total or 1,000 sek a month. The system supported 3 distance courses(MOOCS), a PhD course and various events. The main goal was to make all course/content available online for free & and scale up CEMUS/CSD Uppsala capacity to do ESD. Which was otherwise and since not possible, given only formal students can be given access to the Student Portals. Worth noting also is how during this time the SLU and UU Student Portals were infamously bad and underwent several changes; however given Felix had worked at the Academic Technology Dept. for the California State University System (which supported Stanford Uni., SFSU, UCLA, etc.), he was able to set up a superior & more accessible system.

During the summer of 2012, this project was presented at the World Social Forum during RIO+20; thanks to grants from CEFO, SIDA and Ramboll.


CEMUS Open University was in 2011, the first Open Swedish Massive Online Teaching and Learning platform. It also happened before edx.org, Coursera or MITcourseware. If you would like to support the restart or developing of open academic technology systems for sustainable development education, contact Felix Peniche